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Maggie from Freetown, Sierra Leone

Help me and my family pay for a new place to live!

I need financial help to rent a new place since our current landlord wants us to move out so he can take back his land. More

Validated by Sylvester from Develop Africa

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Grace from Tarakanithy County, Kenya

Help me earn money to feed my child!

I need $300 to buy fibers from the Kenyan sisal plant to make baskets. More

Validated by Debra from Beyond Fistula

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Funded on 3/3/2022

Mitchell from Goderich, Sierra Leone

With help to buy tools I can become an electrician & provide for myself!

I'm enrolled in an electrical engineering course but I don't have the tools I need. Help me buy the equipment I need to finish & start working. More

Validated by Sylvester from Develop Africa

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Funded on 6/22/2017

Brian from Chicago, IL

I'm ready to start a new job. I need to reinstate my license to begin work.

I have a job offer waiting for me, pending the my drivers license being reinstated. Once I can cover this cost, I'll be able to start! More

Validated by Jackie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Funded on 11/24/2015

Cassandra from Chicago, IL

Finishing my degree & raising my kids! We need furniture to make a home.

I recently secured a job and am finishing my Bachelor's in Business. I'm ready to make a home for my kids. We need furniture! More

Validated by Jackie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Funded on 11/17/2015

Karina from Chicago, IL

I'm a single, working mom! My 5-year-old & I need a fridge for our new home.

My son & I just moved into our own apartment! I need help purchasing a refrigerator to safely store food & efficiently feed my son. More

Validated by Annie from Erie Elementary Charter School

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Funded on 12/20/2015

Wally from Fremont, CA

Starting my own carpet cleaning business. I need a vacuum cleaner to get started.

I need a Kirby vacuum cleaner to start my business. This quality vacuum can be used on cars & carpets, which will allow me to offer more services! More

Validated by Allie from Afghan Coalition

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Funded on 11/25/2015

Chris from Chicago, IL

Young father getting back on my feet! I need $195 exam fee for my IT certification

I'm taking an IT class and need help paying for my exam fee. I'm confident I can pass the exam but the test fee is prohibitively expensive. More

Validated by Kayla from Center for Changing Lives

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Funded on 6/4/2015

Naomi from Tucson, AZ

I'm a single mother attending college. I need a computer to do my homework.

My computer was stolen & I need a replacement. This will allow me to juggle work, school and parenting so I can complete my degree. More

Validated by Byron from Pima County One Stop Career Center

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Funded on 11/14/2015

Melissa from Chicago, IL

I'm a working mom of two. I need manufacturing gear & a bus pass to get a better job!

I'm working in retail & training at JARC to be a CNC Operator to get a better job to take care of my kids. I need gear + transport to be ready to work More

Validated by Mark from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Funded on 9/30/2015

Debra from Chicago, IL

Training to be a press brake machinist! I need work gear like boots to get a job.

I hope to one day be able to help my family in a time of need as they once helped me. To reach my goal, I need work gear like steel toed boots. More

Validated by Crystal from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Funded on 9/15/2015

John from San Diego, CA

I was tortured in my home country. A laptop will help me complete school!

Seeking asylum in the U.S. & rebuilding my life after surviving torture. I want to work in the auto industry, but need a laptop to succeed in school. More

Validated by Erika from Survivors of Torture, International

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Funded on 1/2/2016

Marie from Evanston, IL

I'm a single mom needing winter clothes to continue moving my family forward

My daughter and I need winter clothes to stay warm and healthy this winter. I will also use these seasonally appropriate clothes for job interviews. More

Validated by Katie from Infant Welfare Society of Evanston

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