Celeste Robbins

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Funded on 5/11/2018

Tajah from Evanston, IL

Mom training for a new career. I need some essential items for my baby.

I'm working hard to prepare for a career in counseling. On my path, I need some basic essentials to give my baby a warm and welcoming environment. More

Validated by Kayla from Center for Changing Lives

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Funded on 6/16/2017

Edward from Chicago, Illinois

Veteran on the way out of homelessness. I need basic furniture for my new apartment!

I am so grateful for my new apartment. Meeting this need will help me get back to being functional and stable. More

Validated by Jackie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Funded on 11/15/2016

Tea from Chicago, IL

Getting back on my feet. Bus passes to & from class will let me start a career in IT.

Having public transportation to and from classes is the one thing that will help me on my path towards a new career. More

Validated by Peter from Center for Changing Lives

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Funded on 6/15/2016

Cassandra from Chicago, IL

Single parent with a disability. Uniforms will help me get my son into high school.

I'm determined to get my son the best high school education possible. I need help purchasing his school uniforms and covering student fees. More

Validated by Mackenzie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Funded on 7/26/2016

Valerie from Detroit, MI

Expecting mom! Furniture will help me move my growing family forward.

My husband recently lost his job, and I am the only one working. Furniture and clothing will help maintain my family's stability as he finds work. More

Validated by Laci-Blaine from Matrix Human Services

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Funded on 6/14/2016

Doug from Chicago, IL

Formerly homeless veteran. Bus passes will allow me to begin my job training program.

I'm starting a 4-month A+ Certification program. I need bus passes to make it there to start my career in Information Technology. More

Validated by Kayla from Center for Changing Lives

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Funded on 6/17/2016

Kait from San Diego, CA

Survivor of violence in Afghanistan. I need a root canal to move forward.

I want to recover from the trauma experienced in my home country so that I can be there for my children and be a productive member of society. More

Validated by Elizabeth from Survivors of Torture, International

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Funded on 7/7/2016

Felicia from New York, NY

I survived abuse & addiction. Earning my GED will help me become an addiction counselor.

To achieve my goals of becoming a certified substance abuse counselor, I need to first obtain my GED. More

Validated by David from Barrier Free Living, Inc.

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Funded on 4/14/2016

Karen from Chicago, IL

I've been homeless for 2 years. Help me pay a small bill to be eligible for housing.

I am asking for help in paying a bill I have from the State of Illinois. I won't be able to obtain the housing I need until I can pay this bill. More

Validated by Shayna from Inspiration Corporation

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Funded on 6/5/2016

Kevin from New York, NY

On the road to recovery. An addiction class will help me move forward.

An educational panel will give me skills to rebuild after dealing with the consequences of addiction. More

Validated by Lisa from NYC Department of Probation

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Funded on 6/7/2016

Heather from Berkeley, CA

Recently housed. A futon will enable me to improve my rest and health!

I haven't had a bed since I moved to my new unit and it is starting to take a toll on my health. A futon will help me sleep well & have guests visit. More

Validated by Laura from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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Funded on 5/21/2016

Carlos from Tucson, AZ

I lost my son. Paying for his cremation will allow me to move forward.

I need to pay for my son's cremation so that he can be at peace and I can move ahead. I have been unemployed and am unable to cover the costs myself. More

Validated by Byron from Pima County One Stop Career Center

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Funded on 6/14/2016

Julius from San Diego, CA

Healing after torture. A few months of bus passes will help me get to my treatment.

I need bus passes to help me visit the doctor, pharmacies, church, and other services that allow me to begin my healing process. More

Validated by Cassie from Survivors of Torture, International

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Funded on 5/7/2016

Jazz from Oakland, CA

Studying business while working part-time. A laptop will enable me to graduate!

Balancing school and work is next to impossible without a laptop at home to complete my assignments. More

Validated by Tempest from Beyond Emancipation

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Funded on 5/15/2016

Jackie from Freetown, Sierra Leone

New mom returning to school. I need essential supplies and bus passes to graduate.

Going back to school as a new mom is very expensive. I need help covering books, school supplies, a uniform & most importantly transportation. More

Validated by Sylvester from Develop Africa

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