Cassandra Hudson

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Funded on 10/16/2016

Paul from Chicago, IL

Transitioning out of homelessness. With a Commercial Driver's License can land a job!

Being able to pay the fee for my Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Certification will help me gain employment as a cross-country truck driver. More

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Funded on 8/21/2016

Clarence from Chicago, IL

Training for a manufacturing career. Work gear will enable me to start my job!

Steel-toed boots, some essential tools, & a back brace will help me safely start my job and build a stable foundation for myself. More

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Funded on 7/20/2016

Benny from Chicago, IL

Training in metalworking. Steel-toed boots + a metrology kit will help me get a job.

I'm ready to provide for myself and my family. I need a metrology kit, and steel-toed boots to start work! More

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