We mourn the loss of Benevolent team member Kyle Kehus. Gifts to help someone in need will honor his legacy.

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Chicago, IL needs

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In Memory of Kyle from Chicago, IL

In memory of Kyle Kehus, beloved Benevolent team member and friend

Through this Benevolent campaign, we will raise funds in honor of Kyle to help us support the needs of low-income individuals and deliver on Kyle's passion for helping people. More

Validated by the Team from Benevolent

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Christopher from Chicago, IL

Ready for a new career in manufacturing. Just need help with fees to get my license.

I need to cover a fee to reinstate my driving privileges in order to commute to and from work. More

Validated by Gustavo from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Manny from Chicago, IL

I'm 19 with a dream of working in the video game industry. A laptop will help me succeed.

I'm in need of a laptop to help me with completing my academic goals as I don't have regular access to a computer. More

Validated by Peter from Center for Changing Lives

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Brendan from Chicago, Illinois

Need steel-toed boots to begin my new career!

Since OSHA work rules require manufacturing workers to wear steel – toed boots, it is essential that I acquire a pair in order to ensure my safety. More

Validated by Gustavo from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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James from Chicago, IL

Need first month of rental vehicle to start driving for Uber and getting back on my feet

I need to rent a vehicle in order to start driving for Uber. I believe that my experiences will ensure my employment and I can serve customers! More

Validated by Julie from Lincoln Park Community Shelter

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Need funded!

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Funded on 1/15/2019

Jose from Chicago, IL

Need a monthly bus pass to get me through the winter months

IIt would help me immensely to have a monthly bus pass for the winter months. This would help me to go to food pantries for meals. More

Validated by Anna from North Side Housing and Supportive Services

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Rebecca from Chicago, IL

Working towards a stable career, need help sending my daughter on a school trip

My daughter loves learning and I want to provide her with every opportunity. I need help bridging the gap and paying for this program. More

Validated by Cassandra from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center