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Left an abusive relationship of 12 yrs. Furniture will help restart my family's life

Member: Nesha (Detroit, MI)
Validator: Paula, Black Family Development

Kitchen appliances and beds for my daughters and me will help my family restart after leaving an unhealthy and unsafe situation. More

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10 supporters
Needed by 4/30/2014


I'm a mom needing to get my medical assistant diploma to move forward

Member: Lisa (Charlotte, NC)
Validator: Derrick, Urban League of Central Carolinas, Inc.

I need help in getting my medical assistant diploma from Kaplan College so I can secure and maintain employment. More

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7 supporters
Needed by 4/30/2014


Taking online classes to advance career. Need a computer to complete classwork

Member: Darla (Detroit, MI)
Validator: Monica, Coalition On Temporary Shelter

A desktop computer, printer and office supplies will allow me to finish my online courses and assignments More

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4 supporters
Needed by 5/30/2014


I’m a single mother who needs deposit money to secure a home for my daughter and myself

Member: Sharon (San Leandro, CA)
Validator: DeVonna, Davis Street Family Resource Center

Currently our work and housing situation is unstable, but securing our own place will help us step up. More

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9 supporters
Needed by 4/30/2014


Welding gear is critical to the success of my job search and future employment

Member: Marco (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Jessica, Jane Addams Resource Corporation

I'm training to be a welder to provide the safe home for my son that I lacked. I'm confident that with gear I'll find a job & thrive in this industry. More

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5 supporters
Needed by 6/30/2014


I want to be a CNA. Nursing classes will help me get a job & rebuild after separation

Member: Danielle (Detroit, MI)
Validator: Charnita, Coalition On Temporary Shelter

Textbooks and scrubs are the resources I need for my Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) classes. As a CNA I will be able to support my family. More

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2 supporters
Needed by 6/15/2014


I'm a grandma with limited income. I need new beds for grandkids who outgrew theirs

Member: Faith (Inkster, MI)
Validator: Melissa, Starfish Family Services

I have custody of my three grandchildren. Beds would allow them to rest better at night since they have outgrown their current beds. More

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Needed by 6/15/2014


My family is cramped for space. Furniture will provide comfort while I search for work

Member: Tasha (Detroit, MI)
Validator: Paula, Black Family Development

Two beds with linen, a couch and cooking supplies will help make our house a home while my partner and I search for employment to move forward. More

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1 supporter
Needed by 5/15/2014


I'm aiming for college & for a promotion at work. A computer will get me there!

Member: Toni (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Lauren, The Cara Program

Getting back on my feet after homelessness! I just moved into my own place & made 90 days on the job. A computer will help me improve my tech skills. More

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7 supporters
Needed by 6/15/2014


I am a father with limited mobility. A bed and couch will relieve pain and stress.

Member: KJ (Detroit, MI)
Validator: Lisa, Warriors on Wheels of Metropolitan Detroit (WOW)

I need a queen size bed and couch. Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to get rest at night and take care of my family better. More

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7 supporters
Needed by 4/30/2014


I want to ensure a successful future for my family. A laptop will help w/ school & build skills

Member: Kaytie (Inkster, MI)
Validator: Valerie, Starfish Family Services

A laptop with Microsoft Office will allow me to communicate with my children's schools, practice my computer skills, and help my kids with homework. More

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3 supporters
Needed by 5/15/2014