I work for The Women's Project, a program at Wildcat Services Cooperation. My job title is Community Coordinator/Team Social Worker. In December 2022, there were nearly 370 women in jail on Rikers Island. Ninety percent of them are pre-trial detainees—they have been arrested but not convicted. Many of these women are survivors of gender-based violence and have histories of mental illness, trauma, and substance use that cannot be adequately addressed in jail. The Women's Project works with courts, defense counsel, and district attorneys to provide an alternative to pretrial detention for women in New York City. Using an individualized and trauma-informed approach, The Women's Project helps women awaiting their day in court to safely stabilize in the community through connections to housing, behavioral health treatment, educational resources, job opportunities, and community supports.

What I like most about my job is seeing women thrive when provided adequate resources and an environment that promotes their growth and healing. I am inspired every day by the women I have the privilege to work with and feel honored to be a partner with them on their individual journeys.


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Our mission is to shift systems to create opportunities for individuals and communities that have been impacted by the criminal legal system.

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