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Benevolent helps your clients by meeting needs your organization can’t fund from your own traditional channels. You help your organization by putting a face to the mission and people you support.

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What types of needs does Benevolent help with?

Our nonprofit, government, and faith-based partners and their clients post one-time hurdles that are not hugely expensive, yet remove a significant barrier to an individual’s forward progress. See some of our success stories:

How are needs posted and funded?

Validators work side-by-side with their clients to outline what the client needs and then post their stories.

1. Describe the need

Log into our guided process where you and your client describe the need and how it relates to future goals. We have prompts and examples to stave off writer's block!

2. Provide some background information

Add the client's background information and contact details for Benevolent's records. This will not be visible to the public.

3. Validate the need

Write a short statement from your professional perspective about why meeting this need is important for your client.

4. Add photos and a video

Upload a photo of your client and a short video of them telling their story. Add a photo of yourself too. Smile for the camera!

5. Submit the need

Submit the post to the Benevolent team for final review. We'll check for typos, spelling, and flow and we'll get in touch if we have any other suggested changes.

6. Collect donations

The posted need will stay live on the Benevolent site for up to 90 days, or until it’s fully funded. If anything changes while the need is live, you can post an update to let donors know about it.

7. Use the funds

When a need is funded, Benevolent will send the funds to you in the form of a grant. You'll fulfill your client’s need by paying for the item or service, then send a copy of the receipt.

8. Send an update

Post a note to let donors know how meeting this need impacted your client’s life. Send us at least one update, or as many as you like. Everybody loves photos too, if you have them!


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