Sometimes a few small donations can make a big difference in someone's life

How 9 people sparked JT's welding career

How it works

1. A person faces a challenge along the way towards their goals

JT from Chicago, IL is newly trained and ready to apply for jobs as a welder but needs his own safety equipment to qualify. JT knows the gear will cost over $285, which is more than he can manage.

2. A local professional helps the person share their story on Benevolent

JT trained to become a welder at the Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC) for several months. Eric, JT's Welding Instructor, knows JT will need safety equipment to start his new career, but JARC doesn't have funds for personal safety equipment for each trainee. So Eric works with JT to share his story on Benevolent to try to get help with this challenge.

3. 3. Donors contribute, then Benevolent sends funds to the validator.

Nine donors contribute a total of $285 to help JT get the safety equipment he needs. Inspired by his story, people send JT encouraging notes of hope and well wishes. Benevolent sends the grant to validator Eric at JARC to meet the need and they make sure JT gets his safety gear.

4. The validator fulfills the need, helping the person move towards stability

With his safety equipment, JT can apply for jobs, qualified and ready. JT is so excited to have the gear he needs that he writes a thank you note to all his supporters to let them know how much their contributions and encouragements mean to him. He even sends this photo so they can see the gear themselves. JT says "I know truly that myself and my family will benefit greatly from what you all have bestowed upon me."

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