About Benevolent


To bring dignity and self-determination to both sides of the giving equation, illuminating the realities of life on the edge of sustainability.

How We Give is Transforming

We’ve all got goals.

In a low-income situation, reaching those goals and taking new opportunities can hinge on one small thing—

-        a uniform to take an offered job

-        car repairs to get to work

-        a security deposit to leave domestic violence behind

-        critical help at a time of unforeseen challenge


Without discretionary income, getting past that one thing can be overwhelming, if not impossible. That's where you come in. Through Benevolent, you can step into the story of a person striving to reach important goals by making a contribution simply, transparently and securely.

On Benevolent, people tell their own stories and outline their needs. Here, helping professionals who know them validate the needs. Here, you can choose a need to support and give what you can.

Join a flurry of donors coming together to move a roadblock for someone on the way to success and be a part of the solution for one person, right now.

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Our Benevolent Values

  • We believe in self-starters and want them to keep moving toward stability.

  • We believe that strategic giving, even in small amounts, makes a substantial impact.

  • We believe that when we act to do the right thing for another person, we are also transformed.

  • We believe when we truly see one another, empathy trumps misperception.

  • We believe that by transforming how we give, we create stronger connections and communities.

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