Christina from Chicago, IL

Certifications to work as a registered nurse

I need two nursing certifications that will help me find a job at a hospital that hires new RN graduates.


Annie's update: Aug 29, 2012

I am happy to let you know that after an extensive interview process Christina has accepted a position as a Behavioral Health nurse in a large social service agency. She looks forward to starting her new job with in the next 2 weeks. The new job and hours will also allow her to begin her journey to get her bachelors degree.

Annie's update and a photo: Mar 22, 2012

She has now been able to send out her resume with this required certificate completion.

Annie's update on Christina's certification: Mar 21, 2012

I was just talking to Christina and she was telling me the good news!  She took the certification class, and test. And out of 25 people only 10 passed the test! She was one of the 10! There were also only 2 new grads to take this test and her teacher was very impressed on how well she did. I am so proud of her and I am sure you are as well.

Update from Annie Mar 15, 2012

Christina is all signed up for her certification class and studying hard for the test;-)  She continues to be very thankful and always working hard.

Christina's statement on hearing her need has been funded: Feb 8, 2012

Dear Benevolent supporters,

I want to express my appreciation for your generosity in supporting me with the certifications. The money is most definitely helpful and will go to extremely good use; there is no doubt about that. But more than the monetary value, I so greatly appreciate the thought behind the gift. Having a need is a burden, but your action has really lightened the load.  Please accept my heartfelt thanks!

 Best wishes,



These two certifications will set me ahead of other people to be employed and will help me provide for my family.


Having a job is something I need for my family. We have been on a low income for 2 years, since my husband lost his job. Our savings is gone, we are behind on bills, and can only pay for our basic needs. Having a job will help my children because they see the stress my husband and I are under. We had already lost everything once when someone broke into our home and stole everything…it took us a long time to get back on our feet.


I need to go through two courses to get two certifications to work as an RN in a hospital. I already found childcare, and they will only care for my children if I am working days. 


There are two hospitals, Saint Mary and Saint Elizabeth, that hire new graduates for their ER and surgery departments. Both of these hospitals will allow me to work during the day so my children can have proper day care. Both of these hospitals require both certifications.


By having a job I can go back to school for my BSN (Bachelors of Science for Nursing), and stabilize my home by having a good income. I must do my BSN within 5 years of earning my associates to qualify for the program. If I get a job right now I can apply for the BSN. I will also lose my current license if I do not find a job by May. A nursing license will last only one year after graduation.

My husband lost his job after I was accepted and attending the nursing program. I had already quit my job in the after-school program to be a good student and raise my kids. Not too long afterwards, my son developed heart problems. We could not find help for anything and we decided to invest all our money into my education. My husband worked in temp agencies until he recently found a job.


I need the certifications to find a job in a hospital that hires new graduates. If you do not have the certifications you are not as competitive as the ones who do have the certifications.


The alternative is to take any job and work to save the money. But it would take too much time and it will be even harder for me to enter the nursing field. I must be working by May or my nursing license will expire, and the two certificates will help me find a job. If I do not find a job by May I will have to retake tests (which cost more money) and it will set me back even more. 

I worked for after-school programs before I went back to school. I graduated last spring as an RN from Truman College and have been looking for a job since then. After I finished school I did not have enough money to pay for two certifications that I need in order to work at a hospital that hires new graduates. 

I am married with two children and live in an apartment. My husband is a machinist and lost his job while I was in college. He worked for a temp agency for the past couple years. He just found a new full-time job.

I am originally from Mexico City and moved to Chicago with the rest of my family. My mother was a police officer and was threatened, so we decided to leave Mexico City because it was unsafe. My husband is from El Salvador and has to pay $500 a year to keep his employment authorization card. We have two sons. One was recently diagnosed with a minor heart problem and is receiving care to supervise his progress. We do not know what is wrong, but will keep monitoring him and hopefully diagnose his problem.

My near future aspirations are to work as a nurse. I really need a job, so it is hard to focus on anything else. I also want to go back to school for my BA in nursing while I work. I have a long way to go but I know what steps I need to take to get there.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Annie from Erie Elementary Charter School (What does this mean?)

I know Christina because she has been here for three years. She and her family have always been good volunteers. She always communicates with teachers and is present in the school.


The certifications will give her everything she needs to be the best in her profession. She is an excellent worker and will show her children all the hard work she put in. She does not want to do the bare minimum but wants to do the best. Now she can be an example to her children.


Earning the two certifications is the best solution now because this is something she would keep putting off because it is not mandatory, but it will better her position and better her pay. She would put other things in front, she always will put her children first.


Christina is on a very bright path and I am very proud of her as a parent, a member of society and in the community.

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