Serene from Brooklyn, New York

I gave birth to my first child. I need help buying baby essentials!

I need help buying baby essentials such as diapers, baby clothing, baby toiletries, baby formula, a baby playpen, and postnatal essentials.


Serenity and Her Baby Girl Thanks You! Feb 12, 2024

Serenity says thank you to everyone who has contributed money for her daughter’s upbringing. May they be blessed!

It is with the help of Wildcat–The Women’s Project and Benevolent, Serenity was able to provide her growing baby with the essentials she needs. For the people who donated, we give our thanks and appreciation for giving a single mother a helping hand.


My name is Serene. I am 24 years old and gave birth to my first child in August 2023. I have a healthy baby girl named Cymphony. I recently moved into my own apartment in Brooklyn, New York as part of a supportive housing program for women. I live with a Lupus diagnosis which impacts my physical ability to travel, work, and sometimes to even attend school.

I am working towards obtaining my GED and currently attend classes at a local youth center. My dream job is to become a nurse or therapist one day.

I currently live alone and all financial responsibilities fall on me. The financial burden is overwhelming. I currently need assistance buying baby essentials and postpartum healing essentials for myself. This includes things such as diapers, baby clothing, baby toiletries, baby formula, a baby playpen, and postnatal essentials.

I am thrilled to welcome my daughter into this world and am tapping into all collective community resources to create the best environment for her. Meeting these needs will help me provide for my daughter and all her needs, enabling me to be the best mother that I can. Your support is beyond appreciated.

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Validated by Mikayla from Wildcat NYC (What does this mean?)

I have known Serene through the alternative to incarceration program at The Women's Project (TWP). I am Serene's social worker within the program and we first began working together in the spring of 2022. Serene successfully graduated from TWP in July 2023, at which time she also successfully resolved her criminal court case. Serene stands out as someone who is extremely motivated, self-sufficient, and goal-oriented. From the onset of our relationship, Serene presented a warm, gentle, and kind demeanor and has consistently maintained that ever since. She has recently entered this new journey of motherhood and has been so thoughtful & intentional thus far. I would love to see her receive some assistance to support her in this new journey of life.

About Mikayla

I work for The Women's Project, a program at Wildcat Services Cooperation. My job title is Community Coordinator/Team Social Worker. In December 2022, there were nearly 370 women in jail on Rikers Island. Ninety percent of them are pre-trial detainees—they have been arrested but not convicted. Many… Read more