Derrick from Provo, Utah

I was homeless and I'm trying to get back on my feet. Help me get basic necessities!

I need an annual bus pass, a bike, clothing, and blankets for the upcoming winter.


I am a young adult trying to make a way for myself. I moved to Utah two years ago for better job opportunities and personal growth. Unfortunately, I found myself homeless shortly thereafter. What I would need is just a little assistance so that I can regain my sea legs and cruise through the adversity.

The goal that I see myself having for the future are getting myself back on a healthy path in life that has slipped away from me in the last couple of years. Getting the reassurance that, even in hard times, there are still good people in the world who care and can empathize, relate, and genuinely understand what it is like to go through hard times. The future has so many avenues that could be ventured into.

I need an annual bus pass, a bike, clothing, and blankets for the upcoming winter.

Meeting this need will help me because It will allow me to travel to and from work so that I can provide basic necessities for myself. It will also help me to regain the self-worth I felt I've been lacking for a long time. Meeting this need will not only push me forward, but it would help me get back to a place where I know things can change for the better. One small gesture can change someone's life.

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This need has been validated by Jennifer from AMP Probation

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Validated by Jennifer from AMP Probation (What does this mean?)

I first met Derrick after he was charged with a DUI in March of 2022. This error in judgement would lead Derrick though a series of unfortunate events including unemployment and homelessness. Over the last 18 months, Derrick has shown an enormous amount of dedication and perseverance. He obtained and maintained a job and followed through with all court and probation stipulations no matter the financial burden he faced. I would like to facilitate him being able to travel to employment with a little less stress and a little more ease.

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