Jada from Detroit, Mi

My kids and I just relocated to Michigan. Help us get a bed and two dressers!

I need a bed and two dressers. This will get my kids off the cold floor.


I am a single mother of three children. We just relocated to Michigan after having to leave everything behind. Right now, I am trying to rebuild our household into a home.

My goals are to go back to school to become a nurse under the IPN (Intervention Project for Nurses). I’m looking to work within the medical sector to be able to support my family on my own.

I need a bed and two dressers. This will help my kids have a comfortable place to sleep instead of the floor. The dressers will also help me organize all of my kids' clothes and help make our lives easier.

Meeting this need will help me a lot because I can sleep better knowing that my kids don't need to sleep on the floor anymore. I just want my kids to have stability in their lives and to live comfortably.

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