Dominic from Chicago, IL

I'm a Navy Vet in need of transportation back home to Virginia.

I need a one way bus ticket to Norfolk, Virginia, where I have a support network that will help me find housing and employment.


A Thank You from Dominic! Jul 30, 2015

Dominic says, "Thank you to those who funded my need for a bus ticket home to Norfolk, VA. I am truly excited to be reunited with my family and to pursue a line of work I know that I will be successful in. I know that I will have the support I need to move forward there. Thank you for your donations!"


I am a 47 year old, ex-military man who moved to Chicago about 1 year ago to look for work. I served 4 years of active duty in the Navy and 3 years on reserve. I've been in Chicago trying to find employment but have been unable to do so. I worked for many years in Virginia in the shipyards and have my support network there.

My goals are to move back to Virginia to pursue employment back in the shipyards and to be around my family who supports me.

I need a one way bus ticket to Norfolk, Virginia. I am currently homeless and moving back to my home will provide me with a safer living environment and employment opportunities.

Meeting this need will help me to be reunited with my family, be surrounded by people who support me, and to find sustainable employment in a field that I am already familiar with.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Dominic fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Taylor from Lincoln Park Community Shelter

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Validated by Taylor from Lincoln Park Community Shelter (What does this mean?)

I know Dominic through our Community Engagement Program. He has been working with our agency for several months and is hopeful to move home to Virginia where he is confident he can find employment and be near his family. I think that meeting this need is important for Dominic because he will have a stronger support network in Virginia and be in an area where he can use the employment skills he already has in the shipyards.

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I am a Case Manager at Lincoln Park Community Shelter. My work involves meeting guests where they are at and working with them towards their future goals through case management. My goal is to support guests in their progress towards self-sufficiency and sustainability to end the cycle of… Read more