Kayla from Los Angeles, CA

Newly housed & employed! I need one month's rent & transportation to stay on track.

I've survived so much! I'm working hard to keep my life on track & need help with one month's rent & transportation before I get my first paycheck.


I'm a survivor of domestic violence and homelessness. Path helped me find "home" again. On this journey back to living, I am also finding myself again.

My immediate goals are pay my rent and car note, to keep from being homeless and without a car again, as I start this new job. I was seeking employment and have secured a position as an IHSS provider.

I need money to pay my car note, insurance to get to work and my rent to stay in my apartment for one month. My rent is $365 and my car note is $362. I've just been offered to work as an IHSS provider.

Meeting this need will keep me from becoming homeless again and will provide continued transportation for me to get to work, until my first check. I will be able to manage my finances and bills better after that first check.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Kayla fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Melissa from PATH Ventures

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Validated by Melissa from PATH Ventures (What does this mean?)

I've been working with Kayla for several months and help as her case manager through services in permanent supportive housing. She has been working on education, securing employment as a in-home services support worker and she is also working on reliable transportation that will help her maintain employment.

About Melissa

I recently started working at PATH (People Assisting the Homeless), as a case manager for PATH, I offer recovery oriented services to clients who are in a permanent supportive housing. I advocate and provide referrals to tenants who have experienced homelessness and have a history of chronic… Read more