Teresa from Chicago, IL

Recently widowed. A new bed will give me a safe, clean environment to rest & rebuild.

I was recently widowed after losing my husband to cancer. I need a bed to get the proper rest so I can stay self -sufficient on my job.


I am a 56-year-old widow. I recently began my life again after losing my Husband to cancer. I lost everything. Since moving from a shelter into my own apartment, starting over has been a challenge. I went back to work in June 2015, but after only 3 months on the job I found myself hospitalized with a blood clot on my lungs where i remained for 3 months, making saving for furniture impossible!

My goals are to advance on my job and provide myself with a safe and comfortable living environment to ensure my success in my endeavours

I need a bed to get the proper rest so I can stay self sufficient on my job.

Meeting this need will help me get the rest I need to take care of my health and continue to work and live happily. It is next to impossible to succeed with out a safe, clean place to lay my head.

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Validated by Da'Sean from The Cara Program (What does this mean?)

I've known Teresa for two years now. She came into the program with a plan to succeed in everything she does. I have to say that she was correct, because she came and embraced all the classes that we gave her and she passed them all. That's the reason she's employed and has had much success on her job, despite her recent health concerns.

About Da'Sean

I am a Individual Development Specialist for Cara Chicago I've been working there over six years. My job includes helping our students needs on a more personal level kind of like a life coach. I help them in many ways to become more self sufficient so they can succeed in life. What motivate me the… Read more

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