Stephanie from Los Angeles, CA

I'm leaving homelessness! I need furnishings to make my new apartment a home.

Basic furnishings for my first place since being homeless will let me focus on my goals of getting an education and becoming a merchant mariner.


Due to serious health issues, I have been homeless for the last 5 years, living at PATH Hollywood for 3 months, and have just secured a new apartment through PATH and the Department of Health Services. I am regaining my health, will being looking for work soon, but in the meantime, am asking for help purchasing all the items that make a house a home.

My goal is to gain education and eventually employment as a merchant mariner, and these essential home goods are important to providing the kind of stability needed to reach these objectives. I need home goods for my new apartment. This includes bedding, towels, shower curtain, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, dishes, microwave, toaster, a blender, etc. Right now, my biggest challenge is feeling at home in my new apartment and being able to actually sustain normal living. Not to mention upkeep with no furnishings and no income.

Meeting this need will help me because I am currently without income and I will not be able to purchase these necessary items without a little help.

I think of myself mostly as a determined, young lady that just wants to work and live again! I'm most proud of the self initiative I posses to succeed in whatever I would like to do. I've worked at jobs including security guard, oil refinery worker, CNA caregiver, maid, etc.

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Validated by Reina from PATH (What does this mean?)

I have known Stephanie for over 4 months. I serve as her case manager at PATH Hollywood. Stephanie is a resident at our emergency shelter. Stephanie will soon have her own apartment after being homeless for over 5 years. I think meeting this need is important because appliances and cleaning items will help Stephanie maintain her apartment. Stephanie is a hard working woman and having these household items will allow her to make her apartment feel like home. Stephanie has zero income and these home items are critical in providing her the kind of long-term stability she will need to reach her goals. This will move the recipient's life forward by making her house a home and helping her truly live with dignity for the first time in nearly 5 years. It will give her the household items she needs to increase her independence and successfully transition from shelter to home.

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My job title is Case Manager. I have been in this position since 07/11/2011. My work involves providing Case Managent support. As a Case Manager I provide in house support like linking individuals with housing resources, employment and food banks. What I like about my job is seeing the results… Read more