Jason from Chicago, IL

With the right work gear, I can work to provide for my kids' futures

I plan to work in manufacturing, but need steel-toed boots and the funds to register my car.

My need and situation

I'm a 33 year-old father of three children, from the north side of Chicago. I’m pursuing a career in manufacturing.

My goals are to obtain sustainable income for my children and myself. Then, I’d like to help others.

I’m going to need steel-toe work boots for my new career in CNC. That would really help. Also, I need the registration fee for my car, so I will be able get to my new job.

Receiving this will help me because these are the things I need to begin my new career and sustain it.

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Jason is fairly new in our program, but already shows a lot of promise. He has a great attitude, and is focused on his new career. He very much wants to better support his three young children.

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