Therese from San Diego, CA

I am a homebound senior, and I need an exercise machine to keep up my body strength

My vertigo keeps me homebound. I used to walk every day and can no longer get that exercise. This will help me keep going.


Thank you from Therese Feb 24, 2014

Therese just sent us this video - She's so excited about her new exercise peddler!

Thank you from Senior Community Centers Feb 21, 2014

We've just received this note from Senior Community Centers of San Diego:

I want to thank all Benevolent Donors who made this possible. Therese was very happy to get her amazing pedal exercise, she wants to lose weight and the very first time she got it she mention that she had used it twice and she love it. Thanks everyone for the generous contributions to Therese's cause. Therese is very eager to keep helping her neighbors, and exercising will strength her body, improve her health and her depression.


I need Deluxe Pedal exerciser in order to exercise my legs and arms to strengthen my body while I am homebound.

My goal is to become a licensed practitioner, to keep helping people. I will be able to strengthen my body and be more mobile, and will be able to go out of my home.

My current situation is that I experience extreme periods of vertigo, which affects my ability to exercise and walk. I used to walk every day and now I am unable to do so.

Meeting this need will help me because I would be healthier, stronger, and able to do more for people. It would help my depression, and my mood, since exercising will strengthen my confidence to go to different places.

I want to be able to be more mobile, healthier in order to reach my goals.

I'm from Des Moines, Iowa, and I now live in San Diego, California. Something interesting about me is that I am visually impaired since I was born.

I obtained my Bachelor's Degree, and I even obtained a preschool certificate to teach at a Montessori school where I worked for 15 years.

I'm happiest when I paint, read, and socialize with my friends. I'm most proud of overcoming my past, because even though I am visually impaired and a victim of domestic abuse, I was able to overcome my past and I am the happiest I can be.

I want to help people and share my life. I want people to know that there is hope, and that people can overcome obstacles. I also want to write a book.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Therese fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Vanesa from Senior Community Centers of San Diego

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Validated by Vanesa from Senior Community Centers of San Diego (What does this mean?)

We met when I had just started worker for Senior Community Centers. Therese had been an HDM (Home Delivered Meal) client, and I conducted an assessment. Therese seems to be doing very well, she really liked living in her place. I got Therese involved in our Senior Virtual Center program since Therese really enjoys socializing. Therese enjoys taking classes from our Virtual Senior Center program, she is always eager to learn.

I think meeting this need is important because Therese is a very sociable person that enjoys talking to people around her community. Therese has a medical problem that now she is unable to go out of her home. Therese knows the importance of exercising, but because of her vertigo Therese is unable to go for walks. Exercising at home with a pedal exerciser will strengthen her body, and will help her improve her health.

About Vanesa

My job title is HDM Support Service Coordinator. As an HDM Support Service Coordinator I provide support services to home bound seniors who received our Home Delivered Meals. I currently do HDM clinical intakes, psycho-social assessments, and triage new clients to in house and community resources… Read more