Monique from Chicago, IL

I am a mom training for a better job; I need furniture to make my family's house a home

I'm in school to get a stable full time job. My kids need a bed for sleeping & a dining table for family time while we all work towards our goals.


Monique bought her daughter's bed! Jan 23, 2014

We just received the following update from Monique's validator, Paloma: 

Monique received her daughter's bed and mattress and had enough funds to also purchase a bed frame for her own bed. She will be purchasing her dining room set next week! Thank you again for your donations!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen for Monique and her family! 

Check out Monique's thank you message: Jan 12, 2014

I want to thank you all for giving me and my child the funds for furniture! My daughter is going to love her bed and it's all she's been talking about. We are going to love our dining room set. Thank you again for donations!

Monique's validator, Paloma, says: Jan 12, 2014

Thank you so very much for making this possible for Monique! We just placed an order for her and will be purchasing her kitchen table with chairs next week! Thank you again!


I need a bed and a dining room table. This includes a bed frame and a mattress and a dining room table with 4 chairs.

Meeting this need will allow me to concentrate on completing my degree and take away some of the financial stress. My daughter will be able to have a nice bed to sleep in and be well rested to go to school, and we will be able to enjoy family dinners. My goal is to complete my degree in computer technical support so I can find a full time job and provide a better future for my family. I want to be successful and have a permanent job so I do not have to depend on my disability check.

My current situation is that I am enrolled in school full time and I receive $710 in disability benefits. I recently moved into our apartment and cannot afford to buy a bed for my daughter and a dining room table. I want to have a better future for my daughters and that is the reason why I am in school to get a degree. 

I'm from Chicago. I was born and raised here, and I live with my two daughters. I'm very proud of them because they are very sweet, understanding and get good grades in school. I care about my daughters, family, friends, and God.

Something interesting about me is that I like to go to school and learn new things, I like to go outside to breathe fresh air, and I enjoy listening to hip hop and R&B music. I'm happiest when I wake up every morning because I'm alive.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Paloma from Chicago Children's Advocacy Center

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Validated by Paloma from Chicago Children's Advocacy Center (What does this mean?)

We met when Monique was referred to me by her daughter's therapist about three months ago. I think meeting this need is important because Monique is working very hard to complete her degree so she can provide a better future for her daughters. She is very proud to be attending school. Monique cannot afford to buy furniture on her own because she is on a fixed income. Getting furniture will help her and her daughters live comfortably.

Monique is a very sweet and kind person. I wish you could see her face whenever she talks about school-related topics. Her face just lights up. She is very dedicated to providing a safe and loving environment to her daughters. 

About Paloma

My job title is Bilingual Intensive Case Manager. I have been working here for almost 4 years. My work involves providing comprehensive case management services to child victims of sexual abuse and their families. My goal is to assist parents in becoming self-sufficient while improving the… Read more

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