Olivia from Concord, NC

I need reliable transportation to make sure my grandson gets the special help he needs.

I need my car repaired so I can get back and forth to get my grandson to mental health appointments.


"...MAY GOD BLESS YOU!" Jan 31, 2014

To the 8 supporters that helped to get my car fixed, I wanted to say thank you and may God bless you!

My need and situation

Meeting this need will help me be independent and be able to get back and forth to take care of the things I need to take care of. This includes taking my grandson where he needs to go. He plays football, basketball and he also has to go to support groups because he has special needs. Meeting this need will allow me to take him to the places he needs.

My goal is to help my grandson get into a preventive program. He has some behavior issues, the program helps him by reconstructing his behavior. The program has specific activities and requirements that will help him turn out to be a successful young man and be able to deal with society in a positive way.

My current situation is I take care of my 13 year old grandson and I have to have the means of transportation to get him back and forth to school and activities on a daily basis. I also have a lot of doctor appointments that I have to go to, and I need transportation for that.

The income that I currently have is only enough to pay my necessities. So when I found out my car needed repair, I knew there wouldn't be enough to cover it.

I am a concerned grandma and I want the best for my grandson. I will do anything (legal) to try to help him get this help. It will take transportation to get him back and forth to these programs.

I'm from Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina. I currently live in Kannapolis, NC and have lived here for 20 years. Something interesting about me is that I have 13 grandkids. I'm happiest when I make people smile. I'm most proud of how you touch people's lives. I have two kids, a boy and girl, 22 & 34. I love them dearly and they mean the world to me. I have a great personality. I love to make people smile. I am a hard worker. I love children and imparting into their lives in a Godly and spiritual aspect. I teach in Sunday School and it gives me the joy to be able to put the word of God in their lives.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Ray from Zion Hill AME Zion Church

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Validated by Ray from Zion Hill AME Zion Church (What does this mean?)

I have known Ms. Olivia for about 7-8 years. She's a great asset to the community. She helps other people and tries to care for others in the community. Meeting this need would allow her to continue to help her family and take care of her grandson. 

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