Colette from Charlotte, NC

I've got a job, now I need the proper clothes & my car fixed to sustain it.

I need pants & footwear for my new job and vehicle repairs. I've had some issues with my vehicle and every little penny I had I've poured into it.


Colette sends her thanks! May 8, 2014

"Thank you very much for helping me get going forward with transportation and work attire. My family is very thankful in this big boost to go forward."

My need and situation

I am a single parent that is determined to provide a stable life for my children. I have had a hiatus in my employment but have recently secured a job. I look to be an example to my children that no matter what obstacles you are presented with, they can be overcome.

My goals are to maintain my employment and provide a more stable home and environment for my children. I plan to be all that I can be for my family.

I need pants and footwear for my new job and vehicle repairs. I have had some issues with my vehicle and every little penny I had I've poured into it. Now I am presented with another maintenance issue and may need a new radiator and O2 sensors. I also do not possess the proper attire that goes with the uniform needed for my new job.

Meeting this need will help me because self sufficient not only for my family but for my peace of mind. I am overly excited about getting back to work, being able to get back on my feet and living life with as little worries as possible.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Leah from Grace-Mar Services Inc.

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Validated by Leah from Grace-Mar Services Inc. (What does this mean?)

I met Colette last year when she came to assess with us after losing her job in November 2013. Since then, she has been consistent with attending all events that we have pertaining to employment. She has shown dedication to getting her life back to where she needs it to be. She has currently obtained a job but is unable to purchase her uniform bottoms and shoes and her vehicle seems to be giving her issues all at the same time. I believe that meeting this need would be such a wonderful gift to a woman who works hard for what she has and would like to continue to progress in her life doing so.

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I am the Job Developer/Recruiter for Grace-Mar Services. I started as a volunteer in September of 2012, and have been an employee since June 2013. My work involves contacting and scheduling candidates for interviews and assessments; creating and posting available job listings; making necessary… Read more