Lauren from Chicago, IL

Eye exam and glasses so I can read

My glasses got stolen three years ago. My vision is bad close and far, and I would like an eye exam and glasses so I can read to my kids and drive.


Lauren's statement on receiving the funds to meet her need: Apr 24, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

I, Lauren, want to say thank you to Benevolent. I really appreciate your help and services and for helping me see things and the world much clearer now.

Thank you very much,



I used to have glasses – transition glasses (my vision is very bad so they were bifocals.) I could read, drive, and felt good about wearing them and how I looked with them on.  But they got stolen three years ago.  I haven’t had the money to replace them.  Without them I can’t read to my kids, take care of business and paperwork, or enjoy a book myself.  I can't help my children with homework easily; it really strains my eyes.  I also have a certificate from a computer class I took and maybe could get a better job using those skills, but I know I couldn’t work in front of a computer with my eyes as they are.

I work at a university in food service.  It’s seasonal work, but consistent.  I am laid off now for the holidays but will start working again when the next term starts.  I am able to pay my bills but don’t have much money to spare, and with children--their expenses--I don't have much to spend on things like this for myself.  I can see well enough to do my current job, but not far for driving, or close for reading.

I live at home with four kids.  My son is over 18 and starting at the community college, and my other three are younger.  I work at a university in food service, so I am not working now while the students are off, but work when school is in session.  We are getting by, more or less paying our bills, but there is not much money left.  I would like to get my glasses that got stolen three years ago replaced so I can read, help my kids with homework, read some books, and drive.

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Validated by Tasha from Claretian (What does this mean?)

I have known Lauren for 2 years.  She is a single mother of 5 who works in the food service industry. She is looking for some glasses so she can read to her kids, keep her job and enhance her employment opportunities.  Lauren is a hard-working woman who is dedicated to ensuring that her children have better chances for success than she did and does.  She is trying to get a better job and can’t do this without having the ability to read and use a computer.

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