Teresa from Chicago, IL

I'm excited to be back on my feet! A bed will get me off the floor & ready for work.

I just moved into my apartment after several difficult years. To feel rested, healthy and ready for work, I need a bed!


Teresa says, thank you! Oct 1, 2015

Teresa contacted the Benevolent Team today, eager to share her thanks.

Teresa says, "I just wanted to reach out to the Benevolent Team and all of the supporters to say thank you for all your help. I was completely funded! With my counselor Jackie, I purchased a futon from Walmart and I am laying on it right now. I am now going to purchase a table, furniture and a lot of household products. This has already really helped my legs and my ability to get a good night's sleep. I cannot say thank you enough to all the supporters, you and my entire Benevolent Team. THANK YOU SO MUCH."


I am a 57 year old woman who's starting over due to 5 difficult years. I am now back on my feet and just moved into a new apartment of my own. I am, by trade, a full charge bookkeeper for over 38 years. Yet, I am looking for a part-time job because I’m currently unemployed.

My goals are to find part-time work, and I currently think I found one as an accounting clerk! I'm looking forward to being active and a productive member of society.

I need a bed because I'm currently sleeping on the floor. I have rheumatoid arthritis and this is causing me a lot of joint pain. I also need a small kitchen table and two chairs.

Meeting this need will help me because even though I receive SSDI and am eligible for part-time employment, all of my current funding went to moving into my new apartment and security deposit. I also receive $16 in food stamps. Having a bed will relieve my pain and help me feel rested and ready for work.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Teresa fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Jackie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Validated by Jackie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center (What does this mean?)

I first met Teresa a couple years ago when she came to the EDSSC looking for assistance with transportation for her part-time job. Benevolent donors were able to assist her (thank you!), but she recently contacted me as she recently found herself in need of help with furniture. She moved into her own apartment after living with friends for 5 years, and while she could afford the moving fees and security deposit, she could not afford a bed and other household essentials. Teresa is a positive, cheerful, and hardworking individual. She is always appreciative and constantly lives life to the fullest. Any contribution you could make would be greatly appreciated!

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My job title is Director of the Elam Davies Social Service Center, and I have been in this position since December 2014.My work involves executing the vision for the Elam Davies Social Service Center by building relationships with and providing services for men, women, and families who are in need… Read more