Francisca from Chicago, IL

Bus fare to take my great-grandchildren to school

I need four months of CTA passes so I can take my great-grandchildren to school while my granddaughter recovers from a serious car accident.


Adriana's update on Francisca getting her bus cards Jan 19, 2012

We got her the bus passes and she was very happy. We got her the 4 monthly passes and she was very happy and excited to have them in her hands and not to worry for the next four months about transportation. She was very happy and grateful with a big smile on her face. 
Thank you again!

Francisca's statement on hearing her need has been met: Jan 17, 2012

I am very grateful, happy and bless all the people that have donated to cover my needs for transportation to take my great-grand children to school. Everyday my great-grandson waits for the bus anxiously to go to school and he enters running to his classroom. With God's blessing and your great help, I pray and hope that the seeds that you have planted now will flourish in the future and his dream of becoming a professional will come true as I keep staying healthy to be able to support my great-grand children and endure to the end.

Adriana's upon hearing Francisca's need has been met: Jan 17, 2012

This is a fantastic news! I am so thrill for Francisca. She is really taking a lot on her shoulders and knowing that she was able to have this donation to cover this great need to continue taking her great-grandchildren to school so they could continue with their education is wonderful to know that there is  people out there with a great heart to help others. I want to thank the kind donors for such a great gift for this family. I am sure great blessing will be upon you and your families for this great deed for this family.


In September of this year, my granddaughter, who lives with me, had a terrible car accident. She was very seriously injured and still can’t walk. Her face is badly disfigured as well and she is unable to leave the house. I need to help my granddaughter take care of her two children--my great-grandchildren--who are 4 and 5 years old. They live several miles from their school and have no way to get there except by bus. Their schooling is very important to both my granddaughter and me! The funds I am seeking will be spent on bus passes so that I can make sure the children can get to and from school while my granddaughter recovers from her car accident. My great-grandchildren need to get to school every day. I don’t have a way to get them there and pick them up except by public bus transportation. They can’t get to school unless I take them; they are simply too young. The school is way too far to walk to. I will only need this pass for 4 months since my granddaughter will most likely be recovered by then and will be able to transport her children.

My granddaughter had a car accident in September. She was on her way to work when it happened, and she was seriously injured. She was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and was in the hospital for 15 days. When we brought her home she was not able to walk or take care of her children. She has been back to the hospital many times and is still receiving therapy. I am the only one who can shop for the family and take the children to school. The only way I can get around is by bus.

I came here from Mexico with my family 20 years ago. We were living the American dream, everything was good, we were working, and we didn’t have needs that we couldn’t meet ourselves. We were living here and finding work. It wasn’t great work; it was hard. My children had their children here. All of my children and my granddaughter, who recently had a bad car accident, went to school here. My granddaughter is so wonderful and kind. She is 23 years old and to see her not being able to work now because of her accident, or even walk or drive, it’s horrible.

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Validated by Adriana from Family Focus (What does this mean?)

Francisca has been one of our participants for over 3 years. She has brought her grandchildren and great-grandchildren to the program. She has been active as a volunteer at the Center in supporting other parents. She has great needs right now since she is the support for her family. She is not afraid of asking for help.

We know that she has great needs and that she has learned a lot about the resources available. Right now her family is struggling because of her granddaughter’s accident. The greatest need Francisca has is for transportation, the CTA. We have a few bus passes for the Center for our families, but we have limits and unfortunately can’t completely meet this need for her.

She keeps coming to the Center and every time she sees us she’s happy. We invite her to special events and we have seen that she has grown and is now more open to us. When she has needs, she communicates directly with me. That’s what I want.

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