I am an intern with the Heartland Human Care Services (HHCS) Refugee and Immigrant Community Services (RICS) office. I work specifically with participants who have additional mental/medical health needs. I offer emotional support and serve as an advocate for participants as they work with other service providers. I am a first year Masters of Social Work student and have been with RICS since early September 2017. I hope to someday do mental health work with children who have experienced trauma, but for now, I am loving my work at RICS and getting to know all the participants! I am humbled by how amazing all of our participants are--they are full of life, resilience and a desire to learn and grow.


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Zoe from Chicago, IL

I am a mother who came to the U.S. for refuge. A foot brace will allow me to heal.

Since I came to America with my husband and daughter, I have been determined to heal. My doctor recommended a foot brace to assist me in recovery. More

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