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I am the senior property manager and oversee all the properties for Claretian Associates. I have been here 2 years and have been working in property management and real estate for the past 25 years. I am currently in a master’s degree program in public administration at Governors State University and have been for the past year. My goals are to work in policy design and development around affordable housing to make the process of accessing assistance easier for recipients, as opposed to easier for the administrators. You have all these folks being paid a lot to administer assistance and the benefits aren’t trickling down. I get the joy of being able to provide assistance to people who wouldn’t be able to get it elsewhere. I get to bring about change instead of talking about it--by enhancing the quality of life.


Since 1991, Claretian Associates has developed over 130 affordable houses and apartments in South Chicago, a community with a rich history and a strong future. Claretian Associates builds community within the culturally diverse neighborhood of South Chicago by working with community leaders,… More

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Clothes so my kids stop being bullied

Member: Sierra (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Tasha, Claretian

My kids never have new clothes - I can’t afford it. It brings their self-esteem down because they have holes in their pants and they get bullied. More

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Need funded!

8 supporters
Funded on 1/25/2012

School clothes and supplies for my children

Member: Monique (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Tasha, Claretian

I need basic school supplies and uniforms. My son has already grown out of his uniform. I want my children to get the best education they can get. More

$225of $225

Need funded!

5 supporters
Funded on 2/2/2012

Eye exam and glasses so I can read

Member: Lauren (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Tasha, Claretian

My glasses got stolen three years ago. My vision is bad close and far, and I would like an eye exam and glasses so I can read to my kids and drive. More

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Need funded!

8 supporters
Funded on 2/21/2012

Contact lenses so I can become a nurse

Member: Jean (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Tasha, Claretian

I do have glasses but because I have astigmatism everything's blurry. If I had contacts I would be able to see for school and work and for driving. More

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Need funded!

7 supporters
Funded on 6/14/2012


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