My mother was arrested and put in jail about six months ago. I'm only 20 years old, but I took my two younger sisters to live with me. They are 3 and 12 years old. Three months after they came to live with me, I had a baby myself. Now I am raising all three of the girls. My mom will probably be in jail for a few more months, and it is challenging to take care of all the girls by myself. Even after my mom gets released, I'll probably have to keep the girls for several more months. 

I really think things will get better in the next six months, but right now we are really having a hard time. My sisters deserve to have what they need, but I can't provide everything for them.

I think of myself mostly as a very caring, open person. I don't know the words, but I guess that I have an open heart. I love my little sisters like they are my own children. I know I am only 20 years-old, but I want to be the best parent I can be for them.

I am most proud of being able to make a home for myself, my baby, and my sisters under these circumstances. I make sure that everyone is clean, fed, and in school.

I've worked at jobs including Party City, auditing at a warehouse, and as a receptionists at a spa. Something interesting about me is one day I hope to work in early childhood development. 

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Melissa from Chicago, IL

Taking care of my sisters while mom is in jail; need help w/ clothes and school supplies

I am taking care of my two little sisters who are growing fast. I need clothes and shoes for both girls and school supplies for the 7th grader. More

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