I live with 20 people, my two grandparents, my two aunties, one uncle, and 15 cousins. It's pandemonium living there. I act as a caregiver, maintenance man, cook, and watch kids. I call myself the house personal assistant.

I went to school at Lamar and Venture High Schools. I've worked at jobs including U.S. Navy, UPS, Keebler, and I was a site coordinator at the after school program Empower Me. We taught them about life skills, hygiene, about finishing school and saying no to violence, drugs, and gangs. 

I think of myself mostly as a family man. I'm very family oriented. I'm a very energetic person and I love to help people. I'm consistently looking to give to other people and getting the welding gear and a job would allow me to help other people who need help with material things - to help them find jobs or to help them in difficult situations. 

Something interesting about me is I am a very articulate person. I'm the type of person that I have a thirst for knowledge and wanting to know. I can converse with anyone without feeling left behind - whether its about politics, history, or anything. 

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Funded on 10/9/2012

Damarion from Chicago, IL

Moved to find work to support my son. Need safety gear to work as a welder.

Once I have a job, I can send for my son. I finished the program in welding and I am ready to work. More

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