I have worked at Bethel for close to a year. I am a family case manager. The family case management program works to lower infant mortality rates. I use that as a  branching point to help families with other needs. For example, I help single mothers find job training or link them with an organization that can provide them assistance that won't be a 'band aid', but will help them in the long run.

I was looking to find a job that serves the community and ties people to resources that they may not otherwise find. There are a lot of resources out there but there is not a lot of help being provided in the long term. I want to go back to college. I got my bachelor's degree at UIC and I want to get my law degree and work with families and children.


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Bethel’s mission is to realize God’s vision of a restored society by empowering individuals, strengthening families, and building neighborhoods through community-driven, solution-oriented, and value-centered approaches.

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