My job title is Family Advocacy Center Supervisor. The FAC is responsible for providing intensive case management to families in need. Services are to promote permanency by maintain, strengthening, and safeguarding the functioning of families in order to: to prevent substitute care placement; promote family reunification; stabilize foster care placements; facilitate youth development; and ensure the safety, permanency, and well being of children.

Often times, families or individuals need a constant in their lives that is able to provide support. I have a passion for providing this support and helping people know that it is ok to make mistakes, as long as they are always learning and growing.


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Funded on 12/31/2015

Margarita from Rockford, IL

My kids & I survived abuse. We need help moving to Arizona to be closer to family!

I need help moving my family to Arizona. Meeting this need will help us by moving us away from verbal & physical abuse & closer to our support system. More

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Funded on 4/7/2017

Steven from Rockford, Illinois

I'm recovering from a work injury. A little help will house my daughter and me.

My family is struggling to make it, jumping from couch to couch. Getting housed will help us move forward. More

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Indra from Rockford, IL

Recently moved to protect my kids. Beds will allow them to sleep soundly again.

After dangerous mold forced my family to move, we are without furniture! Beds will allow my kids to get the rest they need to grow up healthy. More

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