I think of myself mostly as a positive person, a leader. I'm a go-getter and I'm a loving and caring mother. My kids are my life. I only have my baby at home and he is the reason why I live life so vibrantly. I live with my baby Darius ("the man in my life"). I have a beautiful nine year old whom I love and adore. He is everything good in my life, all this is for him.

I'm most proud of my children and myself. I have very educated children who live life to the fullest because I do it for them. I love life and I live it with love and my children too.

I love life and I like learning new things, I believe that I'm a creator.

I've worked at jobs including janitorial and security positions.

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Tracy from Chicago, IL

Training for welding career - need equipment and transportation

I need welding equipment and gas cards to get to and from my training. This will give me a career job with good money--better than I make now. More

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