Elisabeth from Chicago, Illinois

Transitioning out of homelessness! A bed & air conditioner will bring me stability.

I'm housed & ready to transition from homelessness into the next stage of my life. I am in need of a bed, air conditioner, table & vacuum cleaner.


Through the last period of my life, I faced several unexpected challenges. After now being housed for about a year, I have experienced a slow transition and still feel newly out of homelessness. I am excited to finally feel in a space of stability and move towards my goal of helping people with similar experiences to my own.

Someday I plan to go into broadcasting and further down the line become a lawyer. Radio has always been a big part of my life and I have developed a deep appreciation for radio’s ability to present multiple perspectives. In voicing my own experiences through the radio, I would hope to help those who are going through similar experiences. I see being a Lawyer as an extension of this dream in advocating for people facing these challenges in addition to discussing today’s current issues.

In order to complete my transition from homelessness into the next stage of my life, I am still in need of some supplies for my apartment, including a bed, air conditioner, a table and vacuum cleaner. I feel like I am in stage two, but these items will help me fill in the missing pieces to get to stage three or four.

I am so excited to finally feel comfortable in my living space and use this stability to move towards my future career goals. Thank you for all of your support.

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Validated by Sophie from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

Elisabeth has been working with Inspiration Corporation through many of her life obstacles. I have seen Elisabeth work to develop her skills and her stability through our employment preparation resources as well as through the updates she gives me on other aspects of her life. In our meetings, Elisabeth is always cordial and goal-oriented. I have also enjoyed seeing her light up when she talks about her passion for radio/media. Supporting this need will help Elisabeth gain the stability she needs to accomplish her greater goals in life. We greatly appreciate your support.

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Hi, I am the Resource Specialist here at Inspiration Corporation. My work involves assisting our participants in finding resources that will aid them in their job search and pursuit of personal goals. I help participants access resources such as glasses, professional attire for job interviews,… Read more