Education After Harvey

Education After Harvey from Texas, & Louisiana

Help a student thrive in college after Harvey

Help us send a student a $200 prepaid card to cover educational expenses like textbooks and dorm essentials


Benevolent is partnering with local churches and nonprofits to distribute prepaid debit cards directly to families affected by Hurricane Harvey. We’re helping families purchase what they need to rebuild health and stability.

Benevolent is a national nonprofit that specializes in inviting you to help ONE family meet the challenges they’re facing.

Give through Benevolent today, where you know you can trust that your donation will get right into the hands of those families who need it most.

We'll do our best to report back with tales and photos of those helped, but rest assured that your gift helps ONE family persevere.

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Benevolent is honored to be trusted to validate and manage needs and donated funds to help low income families. As we approach this national crisis in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey, Benevolent steps forward to help in our own way.

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At Benevolent:- We believe in self-starters and want them to keep moving toward stability.- We believe that strategic giving, even in small amounts, makes a substantial impact.- We believe that when we act to do the right thing for another person, we are also transformed.- We believe when we truly… Read more