Diana from Chicago, IL

Single mother; I need to pay for a few weeks of daycare while I find a job!

I've been working with CFCL to find work, but I need someone to care for my youngest child. Once I get my first paycheck, I can start paying myself.

My need and situation

I am a single mother of three children. I have been working with Center for Changing Lives to help me find employment.

My goal is to find employment and provide for my family. I want to provide my children a stable living environment.

I need daycare for my youngest child, to help me find employment. The funds from this need will cover about 2 and a half weeks of daycare while I find a job.

Meeting this need will help me because I cannot get a job if I have no-one to care for my child.

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I know Diana through Center for Changing Lives, she has been working with us by attending Employment Coaching since January 2019.

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