Nia from Detroit, MI

I need to replace two beds to help my family recover from a bedbug infestation

A wonderful program helped me buy a home but bedbugs made us throw out our furniture. Two new beds will help my family sleep and move forward.


Thank You from Nia Dec 16, 2013

Dear Benevolent funder(s),

I would like to thank you for your generosity.  With your donation(s), I was able to purchase three bed sets to replace those that were ruined by bedbugs, along with pillows, and some school supplies for my sons.  My sons and I have enjoyed many good nights’ sleep since the beds were delivered, and are grateful to you for assisting us in rebuilding after the bedbug infestation.  You have helped to make our home a little more comfortable. 

We greatly appreciate your donation(s), as well as the work that Benevolent does every day to make people’s lives easier.  I can honestly say that you have definitely made a huge difference in our quality-of-life.  Thank you again.



Thank You from Mr. Blackmon, Validator Oct 1, 2013

Awesome! Benevolent is an "angel of a blessing" to those that have needs that deserve to be met. We can't say thank you enough for your support for Nia Sutton & Family, that their "obstacle" has been removed..... Amen!

Update from Nia Sep 10, 2013

Nia just called the Detroit office to report that she found a new job a few weeks ago. As she's getting back on her feet she still needs help with replacing two beds lost to a bedbug infestation. The beds will help assure her children be well rested for their school day.


My goal is to build a home my children will be comfortable coming home to. Securing a good job will allow me to do this. With a diverse work history I am confident I can get a job that will allow me to provide for my family.

Meeting this need will help me because it will help me refocus my efforts on finding employment and provide me and my children peace of mind and a good night's rest so we can be productive during the day.  

I think of myself mostly as a proud, dedicated mother and am most proud of my children. They all work hard to do great things in life. One of my sons just got promoted to the 12th grade and just completed an electrical training program while a member of the Youth Connection Program at his school. He was also on the honor roll throughout the entire school year.

A few months ago I was able to purchase a two-family flat for my family to live in. Soon after the previous tenant moved out, bedbugs were discovered. As a result, I had to throw out all my furniture.  My children now have limited access to bedding and have trouble sleeping at night due to the fear of getting bit. My ten year old was recently hospitalized due to an allergic reaction to the bites, and the constant visits to the doctors are financially and emotionally taxing. I am in the process of getting the house exterminated but once that is done my family will need new bedding.  

Right now, my biggest challenge is functioning on a day to day basis with limited sleep and constant worry. I am stressed on a daily basis because I worry about my children's safety. Due to this situation I have not been able to provide the attention I need to searching for a job. This, however, is important because I need to provide for my family.

I lost my job this past year, but around the same time was able to purchase a two-family flat for my family to live in. I am a single mother with six sons. They are my world and I am so proud of their accomplishment even when faced with hard times, such as now.

After the purchase of my home, bedbugs were discovered and have affected the emotional and physical health of my family. We worry constantly about going to bed and lose lots of sleep. 

Before the bedbugs were discovered I was actively searching for employment. I have a diverse work history so I know I will eventually find employment but it is hard for me to focus my attention on applying for jobs and getting to interviews while dealing with bedbugs.

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This need has been validated by Mr. Blackmon from Black Family Development

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Validated by Mr. Blackmon from Black Family Development (What does this mean?)

I have known Nia for 6 months, through her and her sons enrolling in our Promise Neighborhoods Pilot Program. 

I think meeting Nia's need is important because her children deserve to have their basic needs of proper bedding met while in school to ensure they are successful and on track to graduate and continue to college. This will move Nia's life forward by making an uncomfortable situation normal with new bedroom furniture.

Nia is an active parent in the lives of all her children and their school activities. She goes the extra mile for her family despite existing financial challenges and could really use your help in getting bedroom furniture so she can move on to accomplishing her next goal.

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