Cynthia from New York City, New York

A new certification and gear will let me work directing traffic on TV/Film shoots.

I have the opportunity to make a career as a Production Assistant. If I can get certified as a traffic "flagger" I'll be able to find more jobs!


I am a recent grad of the "Made in New York" TV and Film Production Assistant Program. I need help obtaining my Production Flagger certification and flagger gear for starting a new job. (A flagger helps direct traffic during film and TV shoots on the streets of NYC.)

For the past three months I have been unemployed and have worked hard to balance out my living situation and school. Now that I have graduated from the Production Assistant Program, my goal is to find full time employment as a Production Assistant/Flagger.

I need to obtain my Production Flagger certification and flagger gear to find full time employment in the TV and film production field.

Meeting this need will help me move forward in life because the certification would allow me to be an asset within the TV and Film production field and will help me find employment faster.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by POT Kaur from NYC Department of Probation

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POT Kaur


Validated by POT Kaur from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

Cynthia is one of the clients I work with. Cynthia has always been honest and has maintained a positive attitude. She is a prime example of someone who is motivated to make positive changes in their life. I want to help her obtain this certification because she is very close to finding full time employment within a field she is very passionate about, and it would be great to see her accomplish her goal of working in production.

About POT Kaur

My role at the NYC Department of Probation is to supervise people on probation. Helping people is what motivates me, an my aspirations.