William from Charlotte, NC

I have a mowing business and need a pressure washer to make a livable income in the winter.

Reel Men Mowing needs a pressure washer so we can increase our income and not end up on the streets come Winter.


Update from Matt Sep 4, 2013

Thank you generous donors! William was able to purchase the pressure washer, thanks to your generous support.

He was able to find it on sale for a total cost $70 less than the projected price -- this left money for accessories and gasoline.

William was one of the first Benevolent beneficiaries in Charlotte, NC, and was featured on a local news story. As a result, he was contacted by multiple viewers and offered additional help. As of this writing, he and his crew now have two pressure washers--one via Benevolent supporters and a second as a result of Benevolent publicity and a generous donor.


I am the manager of Reel Men Mowing, a group of underemployed (many formerly homeless) men who have started a lawn care company. We have collected various lawn tools and are in need of a pressure washer to grow our business and stay off the streets.

Right now my biggest challenge is the lack of a complete set of tools to be a fully functioning lawn care service. We have enough helpers, men who want to put in a day's work, we just need more tools. Getting this pressure washer will help us to do our jobs more efficiently and earn more money. Last month I earned $700--this pressure washer will considerably increase my ability to make a livable income.

My goal is to become a small business owner. I want to be able to give back to the community and to help people who are underemployed or struggling, as I have myself been.

I've worked at jobs including industrial, commercial and house painting. I've been a parts clerk and a service writer for car dealerships. I work hard and I care--about doing good work and about the people in my life. I'm thankful to have an opportunity to get out and work every day. I'm thankful for the chance to have right tools to do my job. I've walked a hard road in my life and as I become more successful, I'm committed to helping people who are struggling themselves.

I think of myself mostly as a giver. I always have been. I like to do for others in every aspect of my life. I'm most proud of the work I'm doing right now. Working with these other guys who have been homeless, giving them second chances, getting second chances for myself. I'm proud to be where I am right now.

Something interesting about me is I'm the friendliest guy you'll meet today. I'm always happy, always have a smile on my face.

I need a pressure washer to help further our business comprised of underemployed men. Currently I am the lead worker of a group of underemployed (many formerly homeless) men who have started a lawn care company. We have collected various lawn tools and are in need of a pressure washer to grow our business and stay off the streets.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Matt from Speak Up Magazine (What does this mean?)

I have known William for a couple of years. Our office was first located next to a ministry called the Free Store, where he was a frequent volunteer. Whenever I see him, he's either busy helping someone do an odd job or is ready with a huge smile and a cheerful, "Hey, buddy!"

I think meeting this need is important because it empowers William. He's the lead worker and manager of a collective of formerly-homeless men called Reel Men. They live together in a rented house and do lawn care together, mostly using old-fashioned "reel mowers" for grass cutting.

They earn just enough to keep surviving. William is thinking ahead, wanting to keep income flowing even after the growing season ends. Getting this pressure washer will equip them to do so.

This will move William's life forward by increased financial opportunity and will help William reach his ultimate goal of managing a micro business that benefits the community around him.

William is a hard-worker, that's not even a question. It doesn't take long in his company to realize he's humble and kind. He's always quick to help someone in need, and is exceedingly friendly. He has a lot of pain in his past, but he's looking toward the future. He cares about people a lot--his motley group of Reel Men has been known to do lawn care for free, just to help out those in need.

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