George B from Auburn Hills, MI

I am a passionate carpenter and I need tools to restart my career after incarceration

I need funding for carpentry tools. I have been offered a position at a union construction company but need the proper tools to start the job.


Thank You from George Sep 20, 2013

Dear Benevolent and Generous Donors,

I sincerely give my appreciation for aiding me in getting my life back on track. Without altruistic people such as yourselves, life would have no purpose.  When I think of the most giving person I think of Christ and how magnanimous His example was to humanity.  You and the people who have helped me have inherited His spirit.  From the bottom of my heart I once again thank you and look forward to evolving spiritually in the same ways you have.  Thank you and many blessings.

Thanks from Suzanne - Validator Sep 9, 2013

Thank you ALL for donating to George’s fund! Your help will go a long way to ensure his success.  George and everyone at CCRT are very grateful and appreciative to all the contributors. This generous gift will not only help him secure permanent work, but will also have a positive impact on his life in general. I look forward to posting updates on George once he gets his new tools and a new job. Thank you to Benevolent, and all the donors for making this happen!   Many Blessings!!


I have been a union carpenter for the past 20 years and can go back to working in this field if I get the proper tools for the job.  My goal is to transition out of homelessness and working odd jobs to sustain myself.  I want to be a good role model to my grandchildren and in order to do so I need to start working in the field that I am best at so I can show them that hard work pays off.

Meeting this need will help me because then I will become independent and self reliant. I identify as a carpenter - this is who I am, this is what I know, this is who my children know and this is who I want my grandchildren to know.

My passion for the field can be shown through my work history as a construction worker and skill carpenter across the state of Michigan.

I think of myself mostly as a highly motivated, exuberant, and a skilled craftsman which is why I am determined to get back in the carpentry business.

I was incarcerated for 1 year and upon return to my apartment found it to be vandalized and all of my necessary tools were stolen that were and still are essential for working a job as a carpenter.  This trade is my livelihood as I have a career opportunity with a union construction company which would provide me with enough income to help me transition out of homelessness and provide for my family.

As of right now I have been working odd jobs to help me secure food and the basic neccessities of life, but I want to restart my career as a carpenter so I can begin making the income I once did.  Without tools I cannot start working.

Right now, my biggest challenge is trying to not be depressed due to not being able to live out my dream of being a carpenter once again. Entering into the carpentry field is so close, yet so far due to the need for tools.

Prior to my incarceration, I had been a union carpenter for over 20 years.  I had a family and nice home and was able to provide for myself and my children.  Since being released, however, I have been homeless and without work.  My family was torn apart by my incarceration and I would like to mend the broken pieces and pick up where I left off.  I am very passionate about my trade and proving to myself and my family that I am still the man I once was.

I'm most proud of my family, my trade and spirituality and have a passion for philosophy and esoteric spiritual literature.

Something interesting about me is that I'm a runner and have run in 3 marathons.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping George B fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Suzanne from Catholic Community Response Team

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Validated by Suzanne from Catholic Community Response Team (What does this mean?)

I have known George since earlier this year.  He reached out to CCRT shortly after he was released from prison to ask for assistance in helping restart his life and career as a craftsman.

George's passion to pick back up where he left off and re-enter the workforce as a journeyman is evident when you sit down and talk with him.  He is proud of his life's accomplishments and is determined to start working again and provide for his family. Meeting his need is important because it will allow him to start a job that has already been offered to him.  He, however, cannot start this job without tools.

Meeting this need will move the recipient's life forward by allowing him to transition out of homelessness and give his life more meaning since he loves his trade.

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My job title is Program Supervisor and I served in this position since 2004. Our agency works to build relationships with those in need to help overcome hurdles which hinder self-sustainability. What I enjoy most about my job is assisting residents in the community in achieving their goals.