Christina from Chicago, IL

Help getting my Pharmacy Technician training

My goal is to become a Pharmacy Technician so that I can support myself and my children into the future.


Update from the Benevolent Team Sep 24, 2012

Robert informs us that the C4 staff decided to use the donations to purchase a laptop for a family who was in need of a computer.

Update from the Benevolent Team Feb 17, 2012

Robert tells us that Christina will not be following through with her Pharmacy Technician training, after all, and so she will not need the money donated. Robert and the rest of the C4 team are working to find another parent who has a similar, education-related need, which this money can meet. Robert and Benevolent will post a further update when a new recipient is selected.

Update from Robert Feb 14, 2012

We are grateful for the money, but the client did not follow through with the need, so we are looking for another person that either needs funds for school or perhaps a computer to aid in their school work or job. Thank you, Robert

My need and situation

I've found a Pharmacy Tech program I want to attend and I've worked out financial aid and loans, but need help with the part I need to pay upfront. The program will cost $10,000; I know I can get $5,500 in financial aid and there are other programs I can apply to for scholarships and assistance. Out of my pocket, the program will wind up being $800 to $900 and then I'll end up with student loans for the rest. I can get some of this money myself. If I can get help with this amount, I can make it work and get myself enrolled.

My goal is to be a Pharmacy Technician.  I enrolled in a Pharmacy Tech program earlier this year, but had to drop out because I couldn’t afford the courses.  I’d like to work in a hospital pharmacy.

I am 26 years old. I’m a single mother of four kids.  I had been living with my mother, but when she is evicted in a few weeks, I’ll become homeless.  I was working part time for a government program, but that program ended on October 22nd, so I’m jobless and about to be homeless. 

When we’re evicted, we’ll be moving into a supportive public housing program.  Once I’m settled in there, I want to go to school and get a nice paying job so I can take care of my kids and support them financially. I have had no luck in finding a job. 

I think of myself first as a mother.

This is a poem I wrote about myself:

Being a mother is a black woman like me

Being a mother is giving respect and acting respectfully

Being a mother is supporting my children financially

Being a mother is hard, especially when I have no one supporting me

Hey, what can I say, at the end of the day, being a mother is definitely me

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Christina fund this need.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Robert from Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4) (What does this mean?)

Christina is a young mother who enrolled in one of my parenting education classes earlier this year. Everybody here at C4 is behind Christina in her goal to become a Pharmacy Technician.  She needs to go to school to pursue training for her chosen field and we hope some of you will be able to help. 

About Robert

My name is Robert Augustin and I have been working at C4 for two years part-time. I am one of the Parent Educators here at C4. I started working at C4 after I took the parenting classes. I really learned a lot, and thought I would have something to offer to the parents.