Mahra Simone from Charlotte, NC

I'm a domestic violence survivor & single mother in need of money to pay for job certification.

I need assistance to become certified as a MakeUp Artist. This certification will help me make money doing what I love and create stability for me.


I'm so appreciative... Feb 19, 2014

I am very appreciative and thankful to Benevolent and all of the sponsors who have helped to change my life for the better. Although I had planned on using the funds for an on-line class & certification, a better opportunity has allowed me to relocate where my son and I can be safe. I am able to use the funds for this need and still pursue my goal of becoming a professional make-up artist. I am truly Thankful for this blessing!


Mahra Simone

Thank you from her Validator! Jan 13, 2014

I feel hopeful!!!!!! ...that it's still people out there willing to help our clients, and be the helping hand that our clients need. I'm Thankful that her need is met, and now she can finally pursue her dreams and goals and be successful in life!!

Thanks to the donors


I have an interest and the natural talent in becoming a makeup artist. Once certified, I can gain employment in the field, but need help in paying for the course and certification. 

Becoming certified would mean me being self-sufficient and able to provide for my son and I. It also means I will not be controlled by my husband and I will have more stability. I look forward to using the skills that I have to help other women in domestic violence situations feel better about themselves and have good self-esteem.

I was in a domestic violence relationship with my husband. I was dependent on him for income and he is not cooperating with the court in paying support. I have been trying to improve my situation by attending Urban League to get the job readiness skills I need.

I'm from Connecticut and love to do make-up! I'm happiest when I'm surrounded by good friends and people. I'm most proud of my son. I have a teenage son who has had some struggles since he was born, but he always manages to overcom obstacles. He is trying to become an independent young man even though he has not had a positive male role-model.

People usually judge me based on my appearance, but they do not know all of the struggles I have endured and still experience.

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This need has been validated by Takisha from Urban League of Central Carolinas, Inc.

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Validated by Takisha from Urban League of Central Carolinas, Inc. (What does this mean?)

I met Mahra Simone through our 21st Century Program. She's a recent domestic violence survivor that needs help getting on her feet to secure a future for herself and her son.

I think meeting this need is important because it will help her achieve her lifetime goal which is to be a make-up artist and help women like herself become confident.

Mahra Simone has been through a lot, but she still gets up on a daily basis, smiles, and fights through her current situation. She is someone that will not let her past outweigh her future

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