Rosie from East SF Bay, CA

I am a mother of five boys and I need a laptop to keep up with their teachers and school work

Our old computer is not working, and email is the best way to communicate with my sons’ teachers. They also need it for their schoolwork.


I need a laptop, the Microsoft Works program, and a mouse. Meeting this need will help me because emails seem to be the only way I can communicate with my sons' teachers. I will also be able to follow their assignments and ensure they are doing them. For my sons they will now be able to do their homework at home and not have to go to the library which is difficult to get them there.

My current situation is that my desktop is not working, and being on a fixed income I cannot afford a new one. Not only will I be using the laptop, but my sons will be using it as well for school work. This laptop will allow me to communicate with their teachers and follow up to endure that they are on track with their school assignments. I will also be using it to keep up with my typing skills so that when the children are older I can get back into the work force.

My goal is to ensure that my children stay focused on school and continue their education. For myself my goal is to keep up with my typing skills so that I can return to the work force.

I'm from Oakland, California, and I live in San Leandro. Something interesting about me is that in my free time I like to volunteer at my children's schools. I'm happiest when I see that my children are happy and healthy, that makes me happy. I'm most proud of my children.

I have five boys ranging from 3 to 15 years old, and each of them have their own unique personality.

I'm a very helpful person. I like to give back whenever I can. I find ways to help others because I know it will come back to me.

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This need has been validated by Lorita from Davis Street Family Resource Center

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Validated by Lorita from Davis Street Family Resource Center (What does this mean?)

We met when Rosie enrolled her youngest son into one of our child care centers. I think meeting this need is important because her children need to have a better way to keep up with their studies so that they can continue into higher education.

This will also help Rosa communicate with her children's teachers and keep up with her typing skills so that she can enter into the work force once her children are older. Rosie is a very helpful person.

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