Latrenda from Oakland, CA

I’m a single mom & former foster youth & I need a laptop to pursue my goal of being a neonatal nurse

I’m attending a university now, and caring for my child, so a laptop that allows me to study from home will be a great help.


Thank you from Latrenda Feb 21, 2014

Here's a message of thanks from Latrenda:

Thank you from Beyond Emancipation Feb 3, 2014

DeShauna at Beyond Emancipation has sent us this note:

Thank you so much for your time and donations in helping Latrenda meet her goal. She's extremely thankful and happy about the outcome of this assistance. Latrenda has expressed to me how grateful she is and really appreciates a website like Benevolent where she can get the support she needs.


I need a laptop for school and work. Meeting this need will help me because I will not have to go to the library with my child to work on a computer. I can work on it from home, which is a huge stress reliever.

My goal is to continue doing good work at my job and at school and having access to a laptop would help maintain my good standing in these domains.

My current situation is I am couch surfing between different relatives home, while I continue to save up for my own place. I don't have a computer to do homework and occasionally work from home, and a laptop would benefit my current living situation.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. I will not give up and continue to work hard.

I'm from Oakland and I live with different family members. Something interesting about me is that I am studying to be a Neonatal nurse. I'm happiest when I am with my child. I'm most proud of attending a 4 year university and raising my child.

I am a single mother of one. I work and attend a four year university full time. I am a former foster youth and enjoy helping other former foster youth.

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Validated by DeShauna from Beyond Emancipation (What does this mean?)

We met when Latrenda signed up for Beyond Emancipation services in 2010. She needed assistance with financial support for school, which was accomplished.

I think meeting this need is important because Latrenda doesn't need to be stressed about school or work. If she's able to complete her task with the help of a laptop, that would benefit her greatly. She's doing well with school and work and she wants to continue to do well.

Latrenda is a former foster youth and now has a job where she works with former foster youth. Latrenda also enjoys children, so she's pursuing a degree to become a neonatal nurse. She's also a single mother of one child and is an amazing mother. She's really good with her appointments and meeting her case goals.

About DeShauna

My job title is Transition Services Division Manager. My work involves supervising a staff that managing a caseload of individuals that have emancipated from the foster care system. Our transition division not only grants them with temporary section 8 vouchers, provide case management and 1-on-1… Read more

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