Beth from Berkeley, CA

My children & I escaped DV & are in shelter. We need coats to get through winter.

We escaped from a domestic violence situation and had to leave everything behind. Warm coats would help us go out during the day.


My current situation is that I recently escaped a domestic violence situation and left everything there. I have nothing right now except for things that have been donated to me. I am living in a transitional program in a homeless shelter and really need coats for my children and myself to stay warm.

My goal is to be able to get out of this homeless shelter during the day, but right now it is so cold that I have not been able too. Having a coat for my children and I would make it able for us to be able to get out of the shelter and do things during the day.

I need four winter coats - one for me and three for my children - to keep us warm this season. Meeting this need will help me because it would be a great gift to give my three children, as well as be able to keep us warm.

I'm from California and have been here all my life. I live in a transitional housing program in a homeless shelter. Something interesting about me is I have three children. They mean the world to me. I'm happiest when I am with my children. I'm most proud of my children.

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This need has been validated by Felicia from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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Validated by Felicia from Berkeley Food and Housing Project (What does this mean?)

We met when about four months ago when I did Beth's assessment to be in the transitional housing program with her daughter. I see Beth often and think her and her daughter have been a great asset to our program. I think meeting this need is important because she really needs these coats for her and her children to stay warm over this winter season. She lost everything and would really appreciate a coat.

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