Marilyn from Pontiac, MI

I'm looking for work + need help removing transportation barriers for our family.

My husband needs his license reinstated to get to work. Bus passes will allow me to look for a job. Gas cards will help us save for family needs.


Thank You from Marilyn Mar 11, 2014

Thank you so much for your help for my family. It is truly touching to have such generous assistance. From my family to yours, thank you!

Thank You from Julia - Validator Mar 11, 2014

I am so thrilled to have this need met for this family and I cannot thank all of you who contributed enough for making this happen for them. Thank you Benevolent for making it all possible!


My husband needs his license reinstated so he can get to work. Bus passes will help me get the kids to school and allow me to run errands and look for a job during the day. Gas cards will help save transportation cost, which add up since my husband's job is not close to home.

My goal is to find a job so I can go to work when my husband is able to stay at home with the children after he finishes work. Helping us with this financial support will help my husband be able to drive himself to work, decrease our gas costs because of fewer round trips to and from his work and allow me to look for a job instead of driving him to and from work. It will give us more money to be able to spend on other bills instead of gasoline and allow us to support ourselves on our own.

Meeting this need will help us decrease how much we are spending now on transportation expenses and allow us to keep that cost affordable by having my husband be able to drive himself to and from work.

My current situation is that I have to drive my husband to and from his work which is at least 20 miles away and this means 4 trips each day for myself and our children at all hours of the day. This is expensive and the amount would decrease by at least half when he has his driver's license reinstated and he is able to drive himself.

I would then be able to use the bus to take myself and our children to and from school and to and from doctor appointments we have scheduled.

We have come so far in the past 3 years from having very little income and my husband being unemployed. This help will allow us to take that final step towards being able to pay our bills and thank you so much for any help you are able to offer.

I'm from Michigan and live in Pontiac.

I have 5 children under the age of 11 whom I love dearly and I do all I can to support them in their education. All my children are advanced in their studies in school and I help them continue to learn when they come home. My husband and I work very hard to provide for them and my husband often leaves for his work at  5am and does not return until 9-10pm so he is able to work as many hours as possible for more income.

I am happiest when my children are happy and healthy and am proud of the applishments they have made.

Something interesting about me is I like Marilyn Manroe.

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This need has been validated by Julia from Jewish Family Service of Metropolitan Detroit

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Validated by Julia from Jewish Family Service of Metropolitan Detroit (What does this mean?)

I met Marilyn when her case was transferred to me by a previous family case manager in 2010-2011.

I think meeting this need is important because it will increase the ability of transportation for the household which will allow income to increase (by being able to get to work) and that supports their goal of becoming financially independent.

This is a very hard working family who has come a very long way since working with our agency and any additional support with help them get that much closer to their ultimate goal of being able to take care of all of their needs on their own.

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My work involves assisting those in financial or other crisis situations in learning about, accessing, and receiving assistance from our agency directly as well as other local social service agencies to take steps towards being financially and otherwise stable and independent for the future.What I… Read more