Alejandra from Chicago, IL

Sewing machine so I can support my family

I am a seamstress and need to provide for my two children since my husband left 6mos ago. With a specialized sewing machine I could do alterations.


Update from Family Focus: May 1, 2012

Alejandra received her sewing machine. You may also want to know that when the machine arrived she already had a pile of alterations waiting for her to get to work on.  She is building her clientele and is very exited that donors were so generous and this business opportunity is going to help her support her family.  She received additional gifted items from the sewing machine store such as thread, needles, and sewing machine attachments that will help her to be able to do more varied alterations and projects.

Update from Family Focus on the sewing machine: Mar 1, 2012

She has already picked it out.  We expect that it will be delivered to her home next week at the latest. We know that she has already begun advertising and already has clients lined up.  We are very excited for the opportunity this is giving her and for her future success.


I learned to sew in Mexico and became very good as a seamstress. I need to work to take care of my children now and I would like to use this skill. I am also interested in getting whatever kind of other work I can and I realize that I need proper clothes to be able to go interview for a job. I can make my own clothes but I don’t have a sewing machine. I would also need materials to work, like paper, rulers, and writing instruments. If I had a sewing machine I could make clothes for myself and my children, but I could also do alterations for others while I’m looking for additional work. I studied how to make clothes and worked in Liverpool, Mexico’s largest department store (like Macy's) where I learned to do alterations. I worked there for 3 years. I would need to have a larger machine because the smaller ones get hot when you are using them all day long. Ideally, it would be a professional machine so that I could work on it all day. If I could do alterations from my home, this would mean that I wouldn't always need childcare for my children. This would help me become independent and be able to care for my family.

My husband left 6 months ago to take care of another child he had from another marriage. This leaves me alone to take care of the children and I really want to work. I had never worked before because my husband was providing for us and I was caring for the children. Now it is up to me and I must find work as soon as possible. I have skills as a seamstress but would need to have a sewing machine to make money in that way. I could handle a lot of work by doing alterations if I had a machine and tools to work with. I will also seek any other type of work that might be available to me but I would need clothes to wear to work since I don’t have any right now.

I came here from Mexico in 2008 to find a better life. I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I arrived with my husband and we had another child about two years later. My husband always worked and I stayed home and cared for the babies. They are now 2½ and 1½ years old. When I was living in Mexico, I learned to sew and worked as a seamstress in one of Mexico’s large department stores, Liverpool. I worked there for 3 years before coming to this country and starting a family. My husband left us about 6 months ago and I am now responsible for me and my children all by myself. My goal is to be able to provide for them and give them a good life here.

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Validated by Patricia from Family Focus (What does this mean?)

I’ve known Alejandra for more than a year. I know that she could use a sewing machine to do alterations; she has lots of sewing experience because she worked at Liverpool in Mexico. If she can obtain this machine, she would be able to move her family forward by doing alterations in her own house. There she would be watching her children and working at the same time. Right now she can’t go out to work and also pay for child care. She can also make her own clothes, and she can look for a better job once she has new clothing to wear to interviews.

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