Mike from Chicago, IL

Set of knives to work as a chef

I am the single father of four children. I completed chef school but need my own set of culinary knives to find work.


Update from Claretian: May 1, 2012

Mike has decided to use his entrepreneurial skills by selling nameplates made out of carving stone. He will be making personalized carving stone nameplates, using a skill he already has.

Mike's statement on hearing his need is funded: Jan 19, 2012

This has been the best news I have heard in the last 7 months.  I have found the school I want to go to take the courses at which is called Inspiration Café.  Thank you.

Graciella's statement on hearing Mike's need is funded: Jan 19, 2012

I am very happy and thankful for all the funders that contributed to Mike’s need.  I am also happy for Mike as this gift will help him pursue his culinary arts education which has been a passion of his.  Thank you.


I currently work part time in security, to make ends meet.  But my passion is cooking, and I want to be a chef.  I was involved in the Inspiration Café and have completed the cooking school they offer, and have received my certificate. It was a while ago, and I have not been able to follow this as a career.  I might need to take a refresher course.  At this point I need my own good set of chef knives.  I would like to get a job as a chef.  Not only is that what I want to do for myself, but I think I could provide for my children better if I could do that. I would be able to get a better job.

I am doing my best to take care of my four children, since my wife left me 7 years ago. My part time job is helping me pay the bills. I take on other small jobs as they come available, also.  I am also finishing my GED.  I would like to get a better job doing something I love. I have skills doing something specific that I know I can get a job in, and do well. But I need a set of good knives before I can get a job.

I am a single father with four children. My kids are 8, 10, 12, and 13. My wife left me 7 years ago.  I currently work part time in security, but would like to be a chef, and I have done training for this.  I would like to use my certificate from Inspiration Cafe to get a job, or to continue my education as a chef.

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Need funded!

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I hired Mike for a program a few years ago, and was very impressed by his drive and work ethic.  He is a very talented gentleman.  He is very motivated.  Right now he takes any opportunity that comes to him.  For example, he is a gardener, and he will help in the garden and the harvest because he knows he can take some of the harvest home to feed his children.  Another example is when he took a course for a different certification that was offered on a day that he wasn’t working, not because he needed to but because he appreciated the education and is willing to do anything to help his children and himself get ahead.  I am very proud to help Mike, and trust that he is on the right path by following his passion.  Getting his culinary knives will help him move forward by helping him make a career as a chef, his passion.

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