Steve from Detroit, MI

Beds will provide comfort to my son and me after losing his mother and relocating

My budget is tight after recently relocating due to my rental property being sold and gaining custody of my son after his mother passed unexpectedly.


I am a hard working man who recently took over custody of my son after his mom passed away. My son and I are currently living with a friend because my rental property was sold and all current tenants had to vacate. Due to the unexpected move I wasn't able to bring a lot of my furniture to my friends house and didn't have enough money to put it in storage.

My goals are to secure a home for my son and me and begin building our lives together.

I need two beds to provide comfort for my son and me while we live at my friend's house and I save for us to move. I want to make sure my finances are stable before signing up for a lease. Living with my friend for a few months will allow me to save. In the meantime, providing my son with a bed will bring him comfort during this transition period. He has had to move around and adjust to a lot of changes in his life.

Meeting this need will help me because it will help me save money so we can move. It will also provide comfort to my son while he adjusts to his new surroundings.

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Validated by Paula from Black Family Development (What does this mean?)

I met Steve when his child was added to my case load. Steve recently received custody of his son when his mother passed away unexpectedly. Steve is currently living with a roommate and needs beds while he saves to move into a new home. A bed for his son will provide a bit of comfort in an unfamiliar place and time.

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