Moanya from Detroit, MI

Enrolled in a women's entrepreneurship program; A laptop will help my business thrive

I'm a single mother enrolled in the Java Hope Program. I need a laptop to ensure my business is mobile & easily accessible, once I finish the program.


Moanya's got her laptop! Feb 23, 2015

Moanya was happy to receive her laptop and feels this will go a long way in helping her with her dream of being her own boss.


I'm a single mother of 5 small children and am currently in the Java Hope Program, which is a program that will help me be a business owner. With essential equipment I plan to be successful.

My goals are to be a successful business owner and productive mother. I need a computer so I can do the necessary things to smoothly operate a business.

I need a laptop to be able to conduct business and be able to accommodate appointments on-the-go.

Meeting this need will help me because even though there are libraries with computers, I am not always able to get to them and if information needs to be looked up during the night other places are closed. Having my own laptop will give me the opportunity to conduct business at any hour and any place.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Cynthia from Coalition On Temporary Shelter

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Validated by Cynthia from Coalition On Temporary Shelter (What does this mean?)

I have known Moanya as her case planner for the past 2 1/2 years at COTS. Moanya was presented with and opportunity to be a part of the Java Hope Entrepreneur program that would help her towards her goal of being self sufficent. I witnessed Moanya working hard towards this goal and the struggle of being a full time mother of 5 trying to do research and planning. A laptop would enable her to work from home and continue her goal to success.

About Cynthia

My job is a Case Planner for COTS Permanent Supportive Housing. I provide case management for families in the Gray Street Affordable Housing Program. My goal is to assist families in becoming self -sufficent. What I like most about my job is seeing my clients when they are proud of their… Read more

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