Sareeta from Chicago, IL

Newly housed & working towards college to be a parole officer. I need a bed to rest.

My goals are to go back to college to major in criminal justice. Due to financial constraints, I can't afford a bed right now.


I'm trying my hardest to succeed in life and to build a bright future for myself. I've managed to find a place to live on my own, and am continuing to build my own foundation.

My goals are to go back to college in the fall major in criminal justice. My dream is to become a parole officer to have a positive impact on a person's life.

I need help to get a bed. Due to financial hardships, I cannot afford one on my own.

Meeting this need will help me because, I would be able to sleep comfortably. I am working full-time and trying to stay focused on my goals of college. Being able to sleep on a bed will have a huge impact on the ability to achieve my goals.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Da'Sean from The Cara Program

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Validated by Da'Sean from The Cara Program (What does this mean?)

Sareeta is an employed student here at The Cara program, and I've known her for almost a year. She came in and hit the ground running. She passed all of her classes here in the program and stayed professional at all times. Sareeta was a stellar student and she has made us all proud very of her. She plans on going back to school to become a probation officer, as her passion is to help individuals succeed in life. She currently works for a manufacturing company as a packer. After working now close to nine months, she moved into her first apartment. Sareeta has a passion to help others and it would be amazing to see her receive this help from people who believe in her as much as I do.

About Da'Sean

I am a Individual Development Specialist for Cara Chicago I've been working there over six years. My job includes helping our students needs on a more personal level kind of like a life coach. I help them in many ways to become more self sufficient so they can succeed in life. What motivate me the… Read more